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I am Kenneth Murerwa, a diligent and enthusiastic Android developer with two years of experience in creating native Android apps in Java and Kotlin, cross-platform apps in Flutter as well as iOS apps in Swift with UIKit and SwiftUI.

  • Website: www.murerwa.com
  • Phone: +254 705 352 411
  • City: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Work Arrangement: Remote, Hybrid, On-site
  • Degree: B Sc. Computer Technology
  • Email: kkmurerwa@gmail.com
  • Availability: Full-time/Part-time

I am highly motivated and willing to take on any challenge that my career path might bring. Besides mobile development I am also experienced in developing simple backends and API services to work with the mobile apps.

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Android Development

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Personal Summary

Kenneth Murerwa

Innovative and self-driven software developer with over years of experience developing user-centered software solutions from initial concepts to final, polished deliverables.

  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • +254 705 352 411
  • kkmurerwa@gmail.com


Associate Android Developer Bootcamp

2020 Jun - 2020 Dec

Google Africa Developer Scholarship

An introduction to Android development basics

Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology

2016 - 2021

Maseno University, Kisumu, Kenya

A bachelor's undergraduate degree.

Professional Experience

Android Engineer

2021 Jun - Present

Qhala Limited, Nairobi, Kenya

  • Worked on developing a student user platform that enabled children to access educational resources from their phones during the Covid period.
  • Spearheaded the development of a custom e-book solution that could render e-pub files, create bookmarks, and save progress.
  • Created and documented an application for an money wallet SaaS platform to act as a demo and guide for clients.
  • Led the modernization and addition of new features to an existing client app that gives less-privileged households access to affordable and on-demand cooking gas.
  • Apps contributed to include Tibalink, Somanasi, and Mgas.

Android/iOS/PHP Developer & Database Designer

2020 Jan - 2021 May

Kuza Systems, Nairobi, Kenya

  • Worked on a cashback app that allowed users to redeem purchases for cash rewards.
  • Implemented user tracking features on various user apps to ensure proper reporting and inform market strategies for clients.
  • Contributed to database management and design and helped implement high-level SQL queries to allow insightful reporting by the reporting team.
  • Led app development, signing, and deployment of Flutter apps.
  • Met prospective and new clients to perform requirements gathering and reported them back to the team.
  • Created a re-usable library that could be used on POS apps to allow the printing of receipts regardless of manufacturer or model.
  • Some apps contributed to include E-Parcel, Centsavvy, and DohYangu.

Electronics and IoT Engineer

2019 May - 2019 Aug

Fablab Winam, Kisumu, Kenya

  • Improved the company‚Äôs online presence by bettering and maintaining the company website.
  • Designed and tested circuit diagrams and PCB boards for internal and external IoT projects.
  • Assisted Fab Academy students attached to FabLab Winam in implementing their projects.
  • Tested and integrating low-level code in C++ and C into the circuit designs and burned the code into microcontrollers and breakout boards.


My Services

Android Development

I will develop world-class native Android Applications for your business or organization.

iOS Development

I also develop native iOS apps for various businesses. organizations, or even for your startup.

Cross-platform Development

With vast experience working on Flutter apps, I will develop a cross-platform app that will simultaneously serve all your Android and iOS customer needs.

Database Analysis/Design

I will perform a database analysis for your existing database or create a scalable database design for your personal or business solution


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